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EPOS - Eaglez Point of Sale

Eaglez Point of Sale - " Make easy your Sales! "

As markets are getting more and more competitive, retail organizations are looking to run operations more efficiently with improved service levels and confidence in their decision making.
Eaglez Point of Sale is solution for such progressive retail organizations. It is an integrated adaptable business management solution that enables you and your people to make business decision with greater confidence. It empowers your managers and associates to process transactions quickly, serve customers and market products effectively and streamline inventory and sales.

Product Features
Gain centralized control over definition of items, suppliers and prices chain-wide.
Efficiently record sales and reduce overall check out time.
Track detailed information on quantity in stock, reorder points, and restock level for each item at each store.
Manage centralized purchasing and generate auto purchase orders on the basis of sales and restock level.
Invoke automatic replenishment for any set of stores.
Promote inventory balancing by managing stock transfers among stores.
Set up special pricing for items and broadcast it to stores as desired.
Easily generate detailed sales and profit analysis, sales commissions and tax reports.
Define local as well as global customers.
Generate consolidated reports to show sales breakdowns, identify slow-moving items, and check sales for any day-by store location, item, department, category or customer.

Business Benefits
Improve accountability by providing accurate data and setting up information culture in retail organization.
Improve inventory turnovers by identifying fast and slow moving merchandise and suggesting auto purchase orders and transfer outs.
Increase sales through availability of inventory at right place, rationalizing merchandize with customer needs and running customer focused promotions.
Control pilferage through standardized processes and identifying malicious transactions.
Increase your margin by quickly identifying slow movers and providing a flexible mechanism to run promotions and mark downs.


EAGLEZ Point of Sale

Eaglez Point of Sale (EPOS) is a solution of Retailer and General Store for daily transactions

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